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  • Grabbing Attention With a Company Car Wrap

    One of the keys to impactful branding and advertising is the first impression. Unfortunately, many traditional advertising techniques are static and therefore limit the number of impressions. Unlike other advertising methods such as bus stop, billboard and magazine print advertisements, a company car wrap is mobile and can therefore reach a much larger audience. Taking advantage of a customized vehicle wrap to promote your business is the most cost-effective way to maximize impressions. Rather than relying on your target audience to discover your message through magazines and static signage, a vinyl vehicle wrap allows your business to generate new impressions every time it’s on the road. Here are the top 4 reasons to use a Wrap Guys’ company car wrap to advertise your business.


    Grabbing Attention with a Company Car WrapAdvertising your business with a company car wrap will take your advertising dollar much further than other marketing initiatives will. Unlike most print and digital advertisements, a customized vehicle vinyl wrap is a one-time investment that will continue to create impressions over its life-span. Since vehicle vinyl wraps normally outlast the vehicle themselves, Wrap Guys can help take your advertising dollar further.

    Precise Targeting

    Rather than relying on your target audience to discover your business through online advertisements, magazines or static signage, a company car wrap is dynamic which allows you to take your message directly to your audience, provided there are roads nearby. Since you’re most likely driving your company car in the area in which your business operates, it’s easy to take advantage of precise local targeting.

    Increased Impressions

    Customized vehicle vinyl wraps will ensure your business gets more impressions than any of its other marketing initiatives. As opposed to direct mail, billboards and radio advertisements, a company car wrap is always on the go and is continuously reaching new audiences.


    Nothing catches an audience’s attention like a vibrant vehicle vinyl wrap. As you company car wrap passes by in traffic, heads will turn and all of the attention will be gravitated towards your business’s message, branding and contact information. Vehicle vinyl wraps are not only eye-catching, but they’re a fantastic way to achieve brand recognition and recall.

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