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  • Food Truck Vinyl Wraps: How To Stand Out

    Everybody loves a good food truck, but there’s much more to running a successful food truck business than that perfect recipe of pulled pork tacos. The industry has become increasingly competitive over the last few years and it’s much more difficult to stand out and get noticed, especially at food truck festivals. So how do you differentiate your truck and attract new customers who aren’t yet familiar with your brand and menu? It all starts with the perfect vinyl vehicle wrap! Don’t get lost and looked past in a sea of competitors. Wrapping your food truck is the best way to stand out from the pack and get everyone’s attention at food truck festivals. Here’s why your food truck needs a custom vehicle wrap:


    Los Tacos Hermanos Trailer WrapWhat’s the first thing a customer sees before deciding whether or not to visit your food truck? Well, the truck itself. When your positioned alongside several other competitor trucks at festivals, differentiation becomes key. Many customers at these festivals are either new to your brand or new to the entire food truck scene. Because it’s never guaranteed that they’ll give your menu a shot, you’ve got to win them over with a design that gets noticed. Nothing gets your food truck noticed like an impressive customized vehicle wrap. That’s where our team at Wrap Guys can help! Our awesome designs and incredible pricing will help you stand out from the competition.

    Brand Recognition and Loyalty

    You might be getting a ton of customers at food truck festivals; however, if you’re not branding yourself properly, your going to have a difficult time turning those festival customers into repeat customers. A  vehicle vinyl wrap is the best way to increase brand recognition and loyalty among your customers. You might have the best poutine recipe on the block, but if you’re customers don’t remember your truck, your losing out on an endless revenue stream. Let us help you create an impressionable experience for you target audience and help turn your customers into repeat customers.


    A customized vinyl wrap for your food truck is all part of your brand’s unique value proposition and voice. It’s the most cost-effective way for you to communicate a message to your target customers. There are plenty of great options available for wrapping your truck, including white board wraps that allow you to display your menu on the outside of your truck and make changes when necessary. When thinking about the type of wrap you want, make sure the design reflects your brand’s intended image. After all, it’s going to be generating thousands of daily impressions for your business whether your parked or just driving by.


    Not only does a customized vehicle wrap come with UV protection, but it’s easily removable and does absolutely no damage to the underlying paint. In fact, it protects your vehicle in ways that an ordinary paint job can’t. This allows your truck to maintain its value in case it needs to be resold in the future. So before you register for your truck for the next food truck festival, make sure it stands out from the competition with a custom vinyl vehicle wrap!

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