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  • Different types of vinyl for vehicle wraps

    When it comes to wrapping your vehicle, there are hundreds of different ways that you can do it. With different ways to wrap and different types of material and finishing, your wrap will look unique to you and your design! At Wrap Guys, we do car wraps, truck wraps, boat wrapsjeep wraps, minivan wraps and more!

    Wrapping Styles

    superheroes-mini-wrap2With vinyl wraps you can wrap as much or as little as you want. We have partial wraps starting as low as $697 and full vehicle wraps as low as $1897.

    With a partial wrap, only one portion of the vehicle is covered, which the original paint to show in other areas. This means you could do something as simple as adding a logo, phone number or a website to your vehicle. Or, get creative and add a cool effect and transition between the original paint and the wrap. The wrap will have the same shine as your paint, so be creative and push the bounds of a wrap!

    A full vinyl wrap means that the vehicle is covered bumper-to-bumper. The wrap is seamless, so others won’t be able to tell where it starts and stops, it will look natural on the vehicle. This allows you to explore various imagery, and designs to add to the vehicle. Whether you choose to display your brand pattern, or have the design appear as if your logo is punching out of the side of your vehicle in 3D, the choice is yours. This expression of creativity is why people get wraps for their personal vehicles, not just business.

    Vinyl Wrap Materials

    With a vinyl wrap, you are not limited to just a glossy finish. The gloss creates the same look as your normal paint job, but you can also do matte finishes for that cool flat black look. Or even go with a carbon fibre pattern finish. Or, if you are looking for protection and nothing more, we have clear vinyl wraps with are next to invisible. Learn more about our wrap finishes and laminates.

    If you are interested in seeing what can be done with a vinyl wrap, check out our gallery. We have helped hundreds of clients reimagine what their vehicle can look like with a wrap. If you have questions or are interested in wrapping your vehicle, contact us at 604-996-6389 or request a free quote.