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  • The design process of a car wrap

    Wrapping a vehicle can be a complex process. Cars, trucks and vans come in all shapes and sizes. There are many colours and designs that can be done with a wrap, and if you are making it consistent with your brand, the design needs to be even more on point. We have completed hundreds of wraps and have our wrap design process laid out to ensure that you get the exact wrap that you want.

    Wrap Design

    Urban Fireplace Van WrapTo start the process we will arrange a consultation between yourself and one of our wrap experts. In this meeting we will work out your desired design, what your budget is, and how much of the vehicle you would like to cover. Based on our meeting, we will take your company’s brand assets and start to design the wrap. We will create a mock-up where you can see exactly how the wrap will appear on your vehicle. This way there is nothing unexpected. After approval on the design, we will move on to printing.

    Vinyl Wrap Printing

    Upon design approval, we then set up a date for installation. Before hand, we print your design onto our high quality vinyl with latex ink that then gets laminated. Our detailed process stands the test of time and weather conditions including sun, rain and snow and you can expect this process to last for 9 years or longer.

    Wrap Installation

    Before wrap installation we would recommend that you clean your vehicle but avoid using wax. Waxing a vehicle can prevent the adhesive from sticking to the vehicle. We will also wash the vehicle prior to wrap installation as any dirt on the vehicle can prevent a smooth and seamless wrap. As soon as the wrap has been applied by our wrap experts it is ready to be driven off to work or a tradeshow. There is no time spent waiting for it to dry!

    When is comes to wrapping vehicles, Wrap Guys has done it so many times we understand the ins and outs of installing on any type of vehicle. We pride ourselves on providing you with a seamless wrap each time. For more information about our wraps or to get a free estimate, contact us at 604-996-6389.