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    With over 25 years of experience in custom vehicle wrapping, Wrap Guys has completed a variety of incredible vehicle wrap projects involving amazing design concepts. Vehicle wraps that include company branding, logos and contact information are very effective at generating new business leads and increasing brand awareness; however, over the years we have learned that some of the best-looking wrap designs actually stem from client photography. Incorporating your photos into the design of a vehicle wrap is a clever way to ensure that your vehicle is one-of-a-kind. If you are unsure of whether or not to include your photography in the design, here are three scenarios where photography can be especially effective:

    Your product is food or beverage related

    These days, we spend just as much time photographing our food as we do consuming it. A visually pleasing product is key in the food and beverage industry and quality photography is a big advantage. Wrap Guys has completed custom vehicle wraps for many food and beverage companies including Tropicana, Monster Energy, Palm Bay, Boston Pizza and more. Over the years we have found that the most impressive food and beverage vehicle wraps not only include brand logos and colouring, they include captivating product photography. Give potential customers a taste of your brand by incorporating high-quality product images of your company’s food and beverage products into your vehicle wrap design.

    You are your business’s unique value proposition

    Although some people roll their eyes at the idea of having a portrait of themselves stuck to the side of their vehicle, it can be an impactful branding tool, especially if the person in the photograph is the business’s unique value proposition. Whether you are a real estate agent or personal trainer, you are the face of your brand and you are what makes your brand unique. Leveraging your personal brand with photography on a customized vehicle wrap can help your business generate leads and get you recognized.

    You own a tourism industry business

    Photo wrap for Scenic RushOne of our favourite custom vehicle wrap projects was an SUV wrap that we completed for Scenic Rush, an exotic car rental experience company that takes its customers on tours throughout West Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler. Since the beautiful Sea to Sky Highway plays an integral role in Scenic Rush’s incredible tours, we included photography of the Sea to Sky Highway on the wrap design itself. The result was an amazing looking vehicle wrap that brings the Sea to Sky Highway driving experience to life with the incredible photo wrapped onto the side of the SUV.

    For more information and questions about custom vehicle wraps designed from your photos, please contact the vinyl vehicle wrap experts at 604-996-6389. Our talented design team is able to take high-quality photography and transform it into amazing vehicle wraps. Wrap Guys uses industry-leading printing technology and high-quality materials to ensure that its vinyl wraps are both high-performing and long-lasting. When you need a vehicle wrap done right, Wrap Guys has got you covered! Stay up-to-date with the latest from Wrap Guys by following us on Instagram and Facebook.