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    Concrete pumps are big, heavy machines and when they are driving down the road people often take notice. If you have viewed our showcase you probably noticed quite a few concrete pump wraps. This is because concrete pump wraps are a great way to get a business name out there and make use of a perfect canvas.

    Concrete Pump WrapBig Moving Billboard

    One benefit of a concrete pump being so large is that it offers a big canvas for your business advertisement. With so much space to wrap you can put your business name and number up there for everyone to see. Take this Crete Force One wrap for example. They were able to make use of all the pumps angles and arms to display their business name and number. With our high quality vinyl we are able to wrap just about anything, so a concrete pump is no challenge.

    Be Seen On Site

    Once you have a vinyl wrap on your concrete pump it is time to start being seen. The best place to be seen is on site when the pump is active. With other contractors and sub-contractors around, you can build up recognition and word of mouth. If your pump and service is memorable, don’t be surprised to get a call with a lead because somebody remembered you from that site you worked on in Langley.

    A concrete pump offers great space and creativity to work with. Don’t waste an opportunity to blend in with the rest of them. A vinyl wrap is not a work of art, it’s an investment that you can see tangible returns from. View some of our concrete pumps in our special projects gallery to see what we can do. Contact us at 604-996-6389 or get a quote now.