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    Chrome car wraps can add an extra level of protection to your vehicle, while also making it stand out on the road. At Wrap Guys, we understand the allure of wanting your vehicle to stand out from the rest. That is why we offer a wide range of vehicle wrap services, including chrome wraps, that are backed by years of industry experience and our team of talented in-house designers.

    Chrome car wraps

    What are Chrome Car Wraps?

    Similar to other types of 3M vinyl wraps, chrome car wraps can be custom designed and fitted to any type of vehicle; however, unlike other types of vinyl wraps, chrome wraps are printed to include a mirror finish. This type of vehicle wrap offers a shiny, brassy, mirror-like finish that is specifically designed to capture the visual appeal of real chrome.

    Chrome car wraps are available in a wide range of different colours and can easily be designed to include other elements, such as images and text. While this type of vehicle wrap is most commonly used to wrap personal vehicles, it can also be used to help promote a business due to its eye-catching nature.

    How to Care for a Chrome Car Wrap

    Since chrome car wrapping is a much more labour-intensive process compared to other types of 3M vinyl wrapping and the overall cost of the wrap may cost more initially, it is important to ensure that you are properly taking care of your investment. Even though chrome wraps are resistant to many ordinary substances like dirt, oil, grease, salt, and water, they are more susceptible to scratches, dings, and other blemishes.

    Chrome car wraps should never be waxed or polished, as this may damage the chrome finish. It is also important to note that even the slightest imperfection may not come out of a chrome wrap covering. This is something that you should take into consideration before deciding if a chrome wrap is the best option for your particular needs.

    If you would like to learn more about chrome car wraps, or if you are interested in one of our vehicle wrap services, please contact Wrap Guys at 604-996-6389 or by filling out a contact form on our website.