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    Charity Contest Recap

    At Wrap Guys, we are big believers in supporting the incredible local communities that we serve. Although we are based out of Langley, BC, our wrap services extend beyond the Lower Mainland and throughout North America. We recently wrapped up (pun intended) our hugely successful charity contest where we were able to donate $1000 to the Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry and a partial vehicle wrap to Rabbitats Rabbit Rescue in Richmond.

    The success of the contest far exceeded our expectations. We were so blown away by the incredible participation and community involvement from all participating organizations that we wanted to take a moment to recap the contest and thank everyone for their support.

    Wrap Guys Charity Contest

    The charity contest

    We knew that we wanted to make a donation of sorts; however, with so many great charitable organizations out there, we had a difficult time narrowing it down to just one. That is why we decided to involve our local community in the nomination and selection process.

    In order to maximize community involvement and engagement in the contest, we decided to separate it into two parts. In the first part, we asked our local community to nominate charitable organizations that were important to them. We were blown away by the number of nominations we received, 57 unique charities in total.

    In the second part of the contest, we asked everyone to vote for one of the 57 nominated charities. We weren’t exactly sure how many votes to expect, but we never imagined that over 4,200 people would participate.

    The contest results


    We ran the voting portion of the contest for 2 months. In these 2 months, Seeds of Hope Children’s Minstry and Rabbitats Rabbit Rescue were able to generate incredible community support and turn the contest into a 2-way race, swapping first and second position on a daily basis. The margin of votes between the 2 organizations was so narrow right up until the contest closed that none of us knew how it would end.

    In the end, Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry ended up getting the most votes with an incredible total of 1428! Rabbitats finished close behind with a total of 1372 votes. With such an amazing community effort displayed by both organizations and less than 50 votes separating the 2 of them, we wanted to create a second place prize to reward the awesome effort displayed by Rabbitats and their following. After learning that Rabbitats was interested in a custom vehicle wrap, we decided that we would provide them with a complimentary partial vehicle wrap to help brand the Rabbitats van.

    Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry

    The Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry is a charitable organization based out of Abbotsford. It is involved in providing food, education, housing and other programming to children throughout the world who are in need. To donate to Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry, please use the link below:

    Donate to Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry

    Rabbitats Rabbit Rescue

    Rabbitats Rabbit Rescue works hard to provide safe and secure housing for outdoor rabbits and bunnies that have been abandoned in rural areas. It is based out of Richmond, a city that has been dealing with a large number of animals abandoned by unscrupulous breeders. Rabbitats provides these rescued rabbits with a stress-free, safe and natural sanctuary. The organization also works hard to educate the public and coordinate adoption for these furry animals. To donate to Rabbitats Rabbit Rescue, please use the link below:

    Donate to Rabbitats Rabbit Rescue

    Thank you to everyone who participated

    We want to thank all of the incredible charitable organizations that were nominated. We appreciate all of the amazing work you do. We also want to thank everyone who participated by nominating a charity and voting. We are truly humbled by your involvement. If you would like to learn more about Wrap Guys and our custom vehicle wrap services, please contact us at 604-996-6389.