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  • Changing Your Vehicle Color With Vinyl

    You have worked hard for your car – you detail it, put in the best oil and gas, and maintained it meticulously, but there are times when you want to change things up. Repainting your vehicle can be a big change, but how else would you get a new colour, even if it were only for a year? Simple – a full vehicle wrap!

    Not only can a full vehicle wrap allow you to change the colour of your vehicle, it can allow you to change the overall look and feel of the vehicle with different types of vinyl materials such as matte vinyl or chrome vinyl.

    Colour Vinyl Wrap

    One Colour Vinyl WrapGetting your vehicle’s colour changed with a vinyl wrap can be as easy as choosing the colour and bringing in your car or truck. We have done hundreds of vehicle wraps that fully cover the vehicle front to back. For a colour wrap, we simply get vinyl with a single colour and no graphics on it. We install this on your vehicle so it covers everything. This completely changes the appearance and the colour. The best part is that it can be removed in the future. If you ever want to go back to the factory colour we can remove the wrap and the original paint will look the same as the day the wrap was installed. And as you may have heard, our wraps offer fantastic protection.

    Our single colour wraps are a great option for exotic sports cars and for those who are looking to experiment on their vehicle without making any serious changes to the body. If you have an event where you want to stand out or show off your vehicle, contact us about a single colour wrap and we will make sure that your vehicle is transformed. Contact us at 604-996-6389 or request a free quote online.