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    Vehicle Wrap Tips

    What should go on a car wrap?

    When you have a business and you are looking to grow, advertising allows you to bring new prospective clients and customers through the door. The trick with advertising is you need to perk the customer’s interest and drive them toward an action. Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost effective ways to start your […]

    Wrapping Leased Vehicles

    Many businesses often choose leasing vehicles over purchasing. There are a number of benefits to this decision including a tax write off and the pleasure of having brand new vehicles for employees of the company. Sometimes people are hesitant to wrap their leased vehicles because they don’t want to damage the paint job and void […]

    What should be on my wrap?

    One question we get from our customers when they are ready to wrap is: what should I put on my vehicle wrap? Finding the right balance between too much design and too little design can be difficult; this can reduce its effectiveness or even turn potential customers off. Here are a few basics we recommend […]