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  • Can Vinyl Wraps be Applied to Boats?

    When it comes to vinyl wraps, most people tend to think of how they can be applied to cars, trucks, walls, floors, and windows. Though these surfaces are undeniably popular for personal and business-related wraps, many other vehicles and surfaces can be a viable canvas for a vinyl wrap. Among these surfaces are boats ranging from small fishing vessels to large pleasure yachts. As leading providers of vinyl boat wraps for all types of vessels, the team at Wrap Guys knows that vinyl wraps can be applied to boats to great effect. That is why we have provided some information outlining what vinyl boat wraps are and the benefits they offer for most boat owners.

    Can you Wrap a Boat?

    Learn about the differences between boat wraps and paint.

    What are Vinyl Boat Wraps?

    As the name implies, vinyl boat wraps are graphic films constructed from high-quality vinyl that can be applied to most exterior elements of a boat. Wraps can be safely applied to aluminum or fibreglass boats without the risk of damaging the underlying paint, making them a great way to add an extra layer of protection without permanently altering your boat.

    Why Should you Wrap Your Boat?

    Vinyl boat wraps offer a variety of benefits for every type of boat and every type of user. These benefits include but are not limited to:

    1. Enhanced Appeal and Total Customization

    Whether you are a business owner looking to wrap a fleet of boats with your company name or a fisher that wants to add a personal touch to their boat, a vinyl wrap is the perfect solution. From company logos to complex artwork, there is no design that cannot be incorporated into a vinyl wrap.

    2. Less Expensive than Paint

    Constructed with quality 3M vinyl, boat wraps are a cost-effective solution with a long lifespan. Most wraps can outlast a conventional paint job, allowing you to get the same results in less time and for a lower cost. Vinyl wraps can also be easily removed without damaging existing paint, allowing owners to easily “undo” the wrap if it does not suit their needs.

    3. Protection Against Minor Damage

    Vinyl boat wraps protect the boat’s original paint job from dings, scratches, and scrapes while out on the water. Each wrap is also covered with a special UV coating to prevent fading from harsh sunlight.

    4. Minimal Maintenance Requirements

    With little to no maintenance required, you will never have to worry about buffing or polishing the hull of your boat again. Vinyl boat wraps only need to be washed with warm soapy water and a sponge to get them back into pristine condition. If the vinyl wrap becomes damaged, it can easily be repaired with a simple patch rather than rewrapping the entire boat, saving you time and money.

    To learn more about our boat wraps and other vinyl wrap solutions, get in touch with the experts at Wrap Guys. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your wrap project.