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    Why Translink Trusts Wrap Guys

    Wrap Guys is proud of all the wraps that we do, whether it is for small businesses or large corporations. We put the same level of detail and dedication into each project no matter how big or small. Sometimes we like to talk about some of our past work we have produced for great clients. […]

    Window Wrapping

    Our vinyl wraps have one major purpose – to attract attention. The main way our wrap are utilized are on company vehicles. The wraps turn heads and create awareness for businesses. A vinyl wrap can be used also on business storefronts. In the same way that a wrap on a vehicle turns heads, it can […]

    Wrap Finishes & Laminates

    In the past, we have talked about wrapping your vehicle for aesthetics.  Vinyl wrapping is a cost effective way to redesign your vehicle exterior without permanently altering the body or paint. Our vinyl wraps also include a specific finish. The vinyl finish is a simple way to change the look of your vehicle and there […]

    How big can we wrap?

    When it comes to size, we have wrapped large concrete pumps and entire walls, but you might ask – just how big can you wrap? The answer is, as big as we want! With proper installation technique, we can print a wrap and install it seamlessly on almost any surface to any scale. The process […]