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    Weather vs. Vinyl Wraps

    Whether you’re on the west coast of British Columbia or on the east coast of Newfoundland, you will experience bad weather. Hail, rain, and snow can cover the streets and cause havoc with cars. If you have considered the idea of wrapping your vehicle but are not sure how it will hold up to the […]

    Vehicle Fleet Wraps

    What draws a consumer’s attention to a business and what keeps their attention? There are many things that can do this, but an important one is the level of business professionalism. By displaying your company’s professionalism, it shows your customers that we are credible and the right choice. A great way to do this is […]

    Concrete Pump Wraps

    Concrete pumps are big, heavy machines and when they are driving down the road people often take notice. If you have viewed our showcase you probably noticed quite a few concrete pump wraps. This is because concrete pump wraps are a great way to get a business name out there and make use of a […]

    Outdoor Building Wraps

    If car wraps can draw attention to your brand wherever it travels, why can’t a wrap draw attention to your brand where it is located? For retail storefronts or restaurants, outdoor building wraps are your answer! Storefront & Retail Wraps If your business is located in a place where there is high traffic you definitely […]

    Wrapping Leased Vehicles

    Many businesses often choose leasing vehicles over purchasing. There are a number of benefits to this decision including a tax write off and the pleasure of having brand new vehicles for employees of the company. Sometimes people are hesitant to wrap their leased vehicles because they don’t want to damage the paint job and void […]