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  • Anti-Graffiti Signage

    We have had client that has a variety of business signage located on walls and street boards. This client, and their advertisement has faced a problem… graffiti. The cost of having a sign created and displayed at your business is not cheap, and even worse when it is defaced by graffiti.  As a result you will have to pay to have it repaired or refurbished. At Wrap Guys we wrap more than just vehicles – and our sign wraps are built to protect against graffiti.

    Vinyl Wall, Building & Sign Wraps

    When we print our wrap we use the highest quality printing materials on a vinyl that featured a UV protected, laminate finish. Not only does the laminate finish on our vinyl wraps protect against the sun, rain, and all types of elements, but also they protect against paint and graffiti. If a vandal comes to graffiti your businesses’ sign, no worries, simply wipe off the paint. Our vinyl finish is resistant to paint so it does not adhere to the wrap and can be wiped off. This allows you to wrap your building, wall, or sign exactly how you want in the public’s eye and not worry about repetitive maintenance costs.

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