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  • 5 Common Car Wrap Advertising Mistakes

    These 5 common car wrap advertising mistakes can easily be avoided by hiring a team of car wrap experts to work with you throughout the entire design process. At Wrap Guys, we understand how important it is to get the custom vehicle wrap design perfect before it is printed and installed on your car. That is why we offer a selection of vehicle wrap services that are backed by our talented team of in-house graphic artists.

    Green and black Fergie's Catering full van wrap


    1. Creating a Cluttered Vehicle Wrap Design

    One of the biggest mistakes that anyone can make when designing a custom car wrap is to incorporate too many elements. Using a lot of different patterns or images can lead to a cluttered design, making it difficult for potential customers to not only read but also retain the information being provided to them. Consider creating a vehicle wrap that offers a clean, yet attractive design to create a lasting impression on your target audience.

    2. Using Low-Quality Vinyl Wrap Materials

    Before getting started on the design process of your custom car wrap, make sure that the company you have decided to work with prints their wraps on the highest vinyl materials. Since vehicle wraps are exposed to extreme weather conditions throughout the year, it is important to ensure that the vinyl being used will be able to stand up to years of abuse rather than a few months’ worth. Using high-quality materials can also help save money in the long run, as it will cut down on potential repairs and re-installation fees.

    3. Displaying Illegible Text

    When considering the font choice for a car wrap, think about who will need to see the wrap and how far away they should be able to see it from. Choosing a scrawling font or trying to back in too much text can make it hard for potential customers to read, especially from a distance. Consider taking the time to view your font choice from different distances to see if it will work well for your specific needs.

    4. Displaying Boring Content

    While creating a simple, clean wrap will make it easier for customers to read the information being provided, this does not mean that the car wrap needs to be boring. Consider using strong graphics and ad copy, a tempting offer, or a unique call-to-action to draw the eye without compromising on clarity.

    5. Using Weak Call-to-Actions

    One of the most important aspects of any vehicle wrap is the call-to-action because not including any information, such as the company phone number, email address, website URL, social media information, etc., makes it difficult for potential clients to get in touch with you. Chances are that, if you do not use a call-to-action, new customers will not be bothered to track you down.

    If you would like to learn more about these 5 common car wrap advertising mistakes, or if you are interested in one of our vehicle wrap services, please contact Wrap Guys at 604-996-6389 or by filling out a contact form on our website.