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  • 4 Things You May Not Know About Car Wraps

    You are probably familiar with car wraps and how they are becoming increasingly popular for brands to commercialize their vehicles and turn them into moving billboards. Wraps are also used by everyday people who just want to jump out of the ordinary and personalize their ride. But do you know everything about them? Here are 4 things you may not know about car wraps straight from Wrap Guys.

    four things you may not know about car wraps

    1. Car Wraps Extend a Vehicle’s Lifespan

    A fact that might surprise many is that car wraps contribute significantly to the lifespan of a vehicle. Our high-quality 3M or Avery cast vinyl wraps serve as a protective barrier between your car and the harsh elements of the environment. This protective layer shields your vehicle from minor scratches, UV damage, and other wear and tear. It preserves the original paint job and keeps your vehicle looking newer for longer.

    Moreover, the UV layer that we add enhances the protection against harmful sun rays, preventing your car’s colour from fading. This attribute is especially useful in sunny areas where the UV radiation is high.

    2. Vinyl Wraps are More Eco-Friendly than Paint

    In today’s world, sustainability is a significant concern and every step towards a greener Earth counts. You might not know this, but choosing a vinyl wrap over a traditional paint job is an environmentally conscious decision. Painting a car involves harmful chemicals, solvents, and produces volatile organic compounds that pollute the air. On the other hand, vinyl car wraps require no such harmful substances.

    3. Car Wraps Can Be a Powerful Advertising Tool

    Beyond aesthetics and protection, car wraps can serve as mobile billboards, offering a cost-effective advertising solution. A well-designed, vibrant wrap with your company logo or promotional message can capture thousands of impressions per day, reaching a wider audience than traditional advertising methods.

    Here’s a fun fact you probably didn’t know: a single vehicle wrap can generate thousands of daily impressions. This means a single trip to the grocery store or your daily commute could be promoting your business or brand. Just make sure to read up on how to maximize the visibility of your car wrap.

    4. Car Wraps Are Completely Reversible

    One of the greatest misconceptions about car wraps is that they are permanent; however, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, car wraps can be removed without damaging the car’s original paint job. This flexibility allows you to change your car’s look as often as you like without the commitment or cost of a new paint job. You can swap between colours, finishes, or branded graphics according to the season, current advertising campaigns, or your mood!

    So, if you are ready to start personalizing your vehicle, call 604-996-6389 to get a quote for your vehicle’s make and model!