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  • 3 Tips to Prevent Your Vinyl Wrap from Peeling

    Vinyl vehicle wraps are a great way to customize your new car or breathe new life into your reliable daily driver. If you are considering installing a vinyl wrap on your own, it is crucial to keep several considerations in mind to minimize the risk of peeling, bubbling, and other forms of damage. As experts in car wraps, floor wraps, wall wraps, and window wraps, the team at Wrap Guys knows how complex the installation process can be without the right tools and knowledge. That is why we have compiled a list of 3 tips to prevent your vinyl wrap from peeling to help you determine if this project is something you can handle on your own or if it would be better left to a professional.

    How to prevent vinyl wraps from peeling

    Learn if you can wrap a car with damaged paint.

    3 Ways to Prevent Your Car Wrap from Peeling

    To prevent your car wrap from peeling over time, follow the tips below:

    1. Ensure That Your Car is Clean and Free of Damage

    If you will be applying a wrap to a surface, it must be clean and free of any major damage. For example, if you want to apply a vinyl wrap to your car, it should be sufficiently washed and dried first. Next, it will need to be inspected to look for signs of damage such as deep scratches, gouges, and peeling paint. If any of these signs of damage are present, they will need to be repaired before applying the wrap.

    2. Choose High-Quality Vinyl Products

    While you may be tempted to cut costs and choose a cheap vinyl option for your wrap, this can drastically increase the risk of damage over time and quality/finish issues. To ensure lasting quality, durability, and appeal, it is always best to choose a reputable product such as 3M vinyl. While these products cost more, they more than make up for it by offering an extended usable life and increased resistance to the elements. High-quality vinyl is also easier to install, decreasing the risk of peeling, bubbling, rips, and other forms of damage.

    3. Hire a Professional to Install Your Wrap

    Whether you are wrapping a small hatchback or a large work van, it is well worth your time and money to hire a professional to complete the installation. Some providers can even handle the design and printing part of the process, allowing you to get a complete solution from the same location. By hiring a professional, you are choosing a solution that will produce a high-quality finish while reducing the risk of peeling and other forms of damage over time.

    To learn more about our wrap services or to discuss the details of your project, feel free to reach out to the Wrap Guys team. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to work with you to provide the perfect vinyl wrap solution for your needs.