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Seattle Wraps

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    Wrapping vehicles
    all around Seattle area.

    Seattle is a city of colour and designs. We love to wrap vehicles in the Seattle area as we get some of the most unique and awesome brands around. Through our years of wrapping vehicles, buildings, and signs, we have established relationships with installation bays that help to bring the highest quality wraps associated with Wrap Guys. Our vinyl wraps can help you build awareness for your business at a low cost per impression, or help you to reimagine your vehicle if your just looking to stand out of the crowd.

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    Seattle Wrapping Services

    Full Vehicle Wraps


    Full Vehicle Wraps


    Turn up the volume! Get your message out there and create a maximum impact with our full car wrap package.

    By tailoring the wrap design to your business needs, Wrap Guys will effectively create a moving

    billboard for your business, capable of generating tens of thousands of daily impressions.

    Starting at $1897!

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    Frequent Questions About Seattle Wraps

    Are you located in Seattle?

    While our main office is not located in Seattle we are still able to maintain the same high quality service. From design to installation we are involved in the process each step and work with our installers in Seattle to make sure the wrap goes on smoothly.

    Will your wraps last through the all the seasons?

    Yes. Because we use the highest quality vinyl and ensure that each installation is done correctly, our wraps can last through any season of the year. Rain or snow, you can be confident that your wrap will look great no matter whats in the sky or falling from it.

    What if I am located outside of Seattle?

    Don’t worry, we can still help you out. We have built relationships with installation bays all over Washington so we can help clients whether there in Seattle, Bellingham, you name it!.