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Full Vehicle Wraps

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    From Front to Back

    At Wrap Guys we wrap every type of vehicle thats out there! We get businesses all over Calgary that want to fully wrap their work vehicles. This brings a whole new level of brand recognition and professionalism. And if you are just looking to change your vehicle colour or add some decoration to it, we do wraps for that too.

    We start off our process by reviewing your brand and marketing assets so that the new vinyl wrap is married with the business’ brand. From there our in-house graphic team will start to design the wrap by creating concepts for you to review. Once you have selected the design you want to go with we can start printing the wrap. We will then connect you with a Wrap Guys certified installation bay in the Calgary area for you to bring in your vehicle for wrap installation.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Full Vehicle Wraps

    What is a full vehicle wrap?

    A full vehicle wrap is a complete top to bottom coverage of your vehicles paint.

    How much does a full vehicle wrap cost?

    Depending on the size and curves of your vehicle, prices for a full wrap range in between $1395.00 – $2495.00. Commercial vehicles such as Cube vans, Sprinters, and trailers have there own pricing as well.

    How long do full vehicle wraps last?

    Due to the high level in quality of our cast materials coupled with our certified Wrap Guys installers, our wraps last up to 9 years no problem!
    Is you work covered under a warranty of guarantee? Of course! We are very proud to offer the industries best warranties. Not only do we warranty our finished products for 7 years, we even make it easy! Any issues or concerns get dealt with immediately as we understand that customer service is our top priority.