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    Vehicle Wrap Tips

    Where do you wrap?

    While we are located in beautiful British Columbia, we get clients all over North America. To accommodate all our customers as best as we can, we have created a network of relationships from west to east. This allows us to provide quality wraps to any one who is interested. How does it work? When we […]

    Tough & Durable Material

    Getting your vehicle wrapped is a unique way to build brand awareness and protect it for years to come. From our wrapping materials to installation process, our wraps provide protection from the weather and time! Added Durability To make your wrap last as long as possible, we use only the highest quality 3M material. When […]

    Vehicle Wrap Installation

    At Wrap Guys we complete tons of vinyl vehicle wraps every month. Our wrapping experience has allowed us to perfect our process and work with different customer needs. The process starts with design, moves to printing, and ends with installation. Here is a little bit of an insight into what you can expect for our […]

    What’s a partial wrap?

    With the diversity of vehicle wraps that we put on the road we get this question a lot. Since there are so many different types of vehicles and advertising needs vary from business to business people commonly ask what exactly a partial wrap is. In this article we have put together an overview of what […]